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This pack contains 6 hanging Eid decorations. The colorful strings of thick paper dots have been sewn together, and end in a bright "Happy Eid" sign. The strings contain 8 dots that are 1.97 inches in diameter, and the "Happy Eid" sign is 6 inches in diameter. Due to hand crafting the length of the hangings vary, roughly between 30 to 35 inches approximately. They come with a plastic loop at the top for easy hanging. The "Happy Eid Flowers Party" theme is one of our bright new Eid lines, perfect for parties with friends, families, and the community. This line features a variety of different party supplies and decorations.

Happy Eid Flower Party Hanging Decorations (6 Pack)

    • High quality Eid decorations that brighten any party
    • Set of 6 hanging Eid decorations
    • Multicolored
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